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27 Nov 2020
Do you take profit first in your membership? No, you should! Don’t worry I didn’t either until I read the book Profit First by Mike Michalowicz The results changed how I was able to run my business, plus I was able to grow faster and I LOVED my membership more because of what he taught in this book.
25 Nov 2020
Why is culture so important in a membership? This is my favourite membership topic to cover & I don’t think people give this enough thought. Looking back over how I built a very successful membership culture was the KEY reason for success in that membership, which is why I am so passionate about it!
20 Nov 2020
Open or closed membership? Have you ever wondered what the difference and which one works best for your membership.
18 Nov 2020
Types of memberships! Wait there are different types? Yes, but I'm going to break it down in a really simple to understand way.
13 Nov 2020
Step 2 - What is a membership in the nex 15 episodes you will have everything you need to launch your membership. I am going to cover it all, leaving no stone unturned.
11 Nov 2020
Over the next 15 episodes you will have everything you need to launch your membership. I am going to cover it all, leaving no stone unturned.
4 Nov 2020
Laurel Portie has a very impressive model, people told her to charge high ticket she went against that and has a very successful membership
28 Oct 2020
Todd Brown has been helping people get more customers for years, like over 20 years experience… I thought he would be great to get onto the podcast to show people how to get more customers.
23 Oct 2020
You have probably heard before oh you need a sales funnel? You might have even nodded along like oh yeh I know…. While in the back of your mind thinking ‘What the hell is a sales funnel??’
21 Oct 2020
I’m sure you have this question, who do you be authentic? How do you build authority? While still feeling like you! It’s a question my audience is always asking me, I reached out to Dana Malstaff from Boss-Mom to get the answers.
16 Oct 2020
This ladies membership is so successful her members have to leave because they get such good results! A 27 minute hot seat session to see how she can keep them!
14 Oct 2020
A good business is built on solid foundations, ones that allow you to grow with confidence. That's what this episode is all about, 7 profit pillars for your business.
9 Oct 2020
This episode is all about content and how much you need to launch your membership. I decided to do this episode as I came across a post in a Facebook group where somebody was asking this very question and thought that it would be a great addition to the podcast line up.
2 Oct 2020
I usually always ask the question ‘If you only got paid for results what would you be doing’ this interview was the first where Tom actually does get paid on his results, he charges his clients for sales!
2 Oct 2020
Hot Seat with Amy Rowlinson who has a very powerful driving factor behind why she wants to build a membership - today it's all about where she's stuck and get her moving towards her membership.
30 Sep 2020
Today the world moves at a crazy speed and its easy to get caught up in the newest fad or trend but how do you stay productive and smash your goals?
25 Sep 2020
In this episode Angie Minucci talks all things tech, marketing and how to validate your idea!
18 Sep 2020
In this episode I go through a 5 step process to create a profitable membership within 5 days.
16 Sep 2020
This episode was with a powerhouse in the marketing world, an expert at building relationships and getting things done. I think you will get a lot from this episode!
11 Sep 2020
This episode was an emotional one, Leisa opened up and shared everything there was nothing filtered out here. She spoke about her story which started with tragedy and how that has impacted her and her business and what it led her to ultimately do.
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